WINKSIM Transit Search Planet Catch Simulations

WINKSIM is Keith Horne 's Monte-Carlo simulator to evaluate the planet catch of transit surveys.

PLATO: 28x(11cm F/2.6) . Eddington: 3x(0.6m F/1.6) . Kepler: (0.95m F/1.5) .
ICET: (0.6m F/1). INT/WFC: (2.5m F/3). ESO 2.2m: (2.5m F/8). VST: (2.6m F/5.5) .
WASP0: (6.3cm F/2.8) . WASP1: (11cm F/1.8) . WASP8: 8x(11cm F/1.8) . PASS0: (4.1cm F/1.2, AP10) .
Alsubai: 4x(14.3cm F/2.8) . WASP in Space: (11cm F/1.8) . (20cm F/1.8) .
  • Discovery Zones for Doppler,Transits,Astrometry,Microlensing .
  • Ground-Based Transit Surveys .
  • Habitable (liquid water) zone.
  • Mass-radius plot for solar-system bodies.

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