PLENS is Keith Horne 's fortran code to fit lightcurves of microlensing events.
2008 Nov LCOGT microlens workshop : horne_plens.pdf . horne_bayes.pdf . all talks .
ftp_ogle to ftp OGLE data.
rsync_year to rsync all lightcurves of given year
rsync_event to rsync all lightcurves of given event
PLENS uses PGPLOT for graphics. The code is continually under development.
  • plens.tar.gz , tarball with all files listed below.
  • plens.exe , executable image.
  • , script to compile plens.
  • , script to create archive of plens subroutines.
  • , include file with common blocks for global variables.
  • plens.for , plens main programme.
  • plens.a archive with plens subroutines.
  • lens1.for , single lens subroutines.
  • lens2.for , binary lens subroutines.
  • asp.for , multiple lens subroutines.
  • dzw.for , detection zone area subroutines.
  • misc.for , miscillaneous subroutines.
  • test390.dat , lightcurve data file for testing.
  • runs plens.exe to fit and make standard plots.
  • plens.fitb for blend grid.
  • plens.fitc for Chi^2 map.
  • plens.fitp for P(det|a).
  • plens.test runs* on test390.dat.
  • pspl fit: test390_4_( a, b, m, n, r, g, y, z, mr, mn, mb).ps
    +blending: test390_5_( a, b, m, n, r, g, y, z, mr, mn, mb. bb).ps
    +sigmag0: test390_6_( a, b, m, n, r, g, y, z, mr, mn, mb. bb).ps
    +erbscl: test390_7_( a, b, m, n, r, g, y, z, mr, mn, mb. bb).ps
    Chi^2(x,y): test390_5_( c, mc, mrc, mnc).ps
    Chi^2(lnu,az): test390_5_( l, ml, mrl, mnl).ps
    Chi^2(t,f): test390_5_( v, mv, mrv, mnv).ps
    P(det|a): test390_5_( p, pc, mpc. pl, mpl. pv, mpv).ps
    Keith Horne (kdh1 at