MEMECHO fits to synthetic AGN data from KRONOS

KRONOS monitors variable sources for long periods of time simultaneously at X-ray, EUV, ultraviolet, and optical wavelengths. A major goal is to map the broad emission line regions of Seyfert galaxies using reverberation effects arising from the compact variable source of ionizing radiation and the finite light travel times from this source out to the surrounding sites of photo-ionized line emission.

SPIRAL DISK SIMULATIONS for 1-hour Kronos exposures every 0.5 days sustained for 200 days.

Mean and RMS spectra for the UV and VIS channels.

True maps of the spiral disk emissivity and responsivity .

Lightcurves for the UV and VIS continua, and for the lines Ly-alpha + NV , CIV , HeII , H-beta .

1D delay maps .

2D velocity-delay maps .

True maps: Ly-alpha , NV , CIV , HeII , H-beta .

Recovered maps: Ly-alpha (+NV) , CIV , HeII , H-beta .

Resolution of recovered maps: ,

Blurred maps: Ly-alpha , CIV , HeII , H-beta .

Fits to lightcurves: Ly-alpha (+NV) , CIV , HeII , H-beta .

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