HST Echo Mapping of NGC 5548

SPIRAL DISK SIMULATIONS illustrate HST's ability to recover the velocity-delay structure of an AGN accretion disk with spiral density waves.
On each HST orbit, expose 1260s with G140L and 560s with G230L.
Repeat every dt=1 days for T=25 days. Delay range 0-25d.
True maps: emissivity , responsivity .
Synthetic data: Lya , CIV , HeII .
Spectra: 1st , avg,rms .
Sampled lightcurves: 1380A , Lya, CIV, HeII.
1-D MEMECHO maps Psi(tau): Chi2= 3 , 2 , 1 . iter .
2-D MEMECHO maps Psi(v,tau):
G140L map , fit , dat , (dat-fit), (dat-fit)/sig , iter .

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