PRIORITY RA(J2000) Dec(J2000) I(t) A(t) A_max t - t0 t_E chi^2/N delta chi^2 Remarks*
1.5517:54:25.68-29:07:42.2 19.14 1.00 80.021332.91 0.07 1.01 0.00-Binary

FINDER CHART: (North is up - East to the left)

Fitted lightcurve:

Chi2 X,Y,q q=1e-3 DeltaChi2=25

Probability - log P vs a R_E

OGLE PAGE for this event.

N.B. Plots are regenerated less often than the observing priority is re-calculated, so these web-pages may contain parameters calculated more recently than those shown on the plots.

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