POWERPOINT FILES AVAILABLE (10/05/06): I have updated the program page with all the ppt & pdf files that were submitted.
So feel free to download them. Also, there is now a photo gallery with all the photos I took during the workshop. Sorry they are so bad. They looked fine on the lcd screen... it wasn't my camera!

IMPORTANT (02/03/06): We have a poster for the workshop that can be downloaded
here as a
jpeg or ppt. It prints well in A3.
We have put data for 4 galaxies on this page as kind of benchmark galaxies to
use to compare different theories of gravity fairly. Right click and save target
as for the 4;

ngc1560                 ngc2403                ngc4157                ngc598
Accomodation: Recently added page (01/02/06) with an excellent list of Guest
Houses in Edinburgh near the ROE. Also, here is a good guide to
Accommodation in Edinburgh close to the Royal Observatory. A very important
point you should note when booking is to mention that it is in association with
the Royal Observatory. Sorry to sound like a car insurance commercial, but
someone did save 60% on their booking!
Alternative Gravities vs. Dark Matter
on      20, 21, 22 (Thurs-Sat) April, 2006
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, Scotland
Scientific Organising Committee
Local Organising Committee
  • David Bacon (Edinburgh)
  • Benoit Famaey (Brussels)
  • Keith Horne (St. Andrews)
  • Andy Taylor (Edinburgh)
  • HongSheng Zhao (St. Andrews)
  • Garry Angus (St. Andrews)
  • David Bacon (Edinburgh)
  • Cold Dark Matter and variants
  • Classical/Relativistic MOND/TeVeS/BSTV, Conformal Gravity, STV etc.
  • TeVeS Predictions on Cosmic Background,
  • Strong/Weak Lensing
  • Prediction on Galaxy clusters
  • Rotation curves, velocity dispersion of Dwarfs and Ellipticals
  • Satellites orbits, Roche Lobes, Two-body relaxations, dynamical friction
  • Solar system and Pioneer Anomaly
Review Speakers

Pedro Ferreira (Oxford)
Stacy McGaugh (Maryland)
Philip Mannheim (Connecticut)
Mario Mateo (Michigan, TBC)
Ben Moore (Zurich, TBC)
Constantinos Skordis (Perimeter Institute)
Jerry Sellwood (Rutgers)
Slava Turysev (JPL)
HongSheng Zhao (St Andrews)
Recently there has been much press relevant to the workshop. Check out these webpages.

A BBC article on Dark Matter
New Scientist article on Moffat's theory
And another NS article on TeVeS
Milgrom on MOND
More DM
Stacy McGaugh and the CMB

Alternative Gravities &
Dark Matter Workshop