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Press Release Nature paper 1 Oct, 2009 embargo

Interdisciplinary Colloquia 600 Years, Math-Astronomy-Physics-Chemistry-Biology-Geology,

Workshop April 6-9, 2009, Leiden Lorentz Center

MONDAY GRAVITY virtual seminars

TeV2008 parallel session on "Dark Matter predictions from Dark Energy and Gravity"

According to Sky and Telescope, there is a Battlefield Galactica between two viewpoints, "Dark Matter vs. Alternative Gravities", Apr 20-22, 2006 Edinburgh  

I seek new physics to unify the two ideas, inspired by coincidences of two bigger mysteries: the tiny scales of Dark Energy and Neutrino mass.

Is the solution for all these being that the space-time is immersed in a non-uniform dark fluid ?

See  Scientific American (03/2008) and other Recent Press on my research



Teaching Cosmology AS4022

Gravitational Dynamics AS4021

Teaching General Relativity PH5011

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I am an astronomer at Univ. of St. Andrews, School of Physics and Astronomy . Before that I was at Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge. . Here is a sample of what I do, including some fun of playing with gravities, Newtonian vs_ MOND

Feel the Dark Force of Gravity: Satellites, Streams and Spectacles (GL)

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