Aaron Robotham's Cosmic Variance Calculator

In the top box you can input the axis ratios in Mpc (no larger than a=300 b=300 c=250) and desired number of samplings.

Alternatively enter survey dimensions in terms of z limts, dec limits (in degrees) and ra range (in degrees). The survey will be transformed into the best fitting cuboid which must have dimensions less than a=300 b=300 c=250. Approximately the z range dominates the a-axis, the dec range dominates the b axis and the ra range dominates the c axis.

Depending mainly on the number of samplings, the code can take seconds (for 100s) or minutes (10,000s), so please be patient while the page loads.

Cosmology used throughout: H0=70 (km/s)/Mpc &OmegaM=0.3 &Omega&Lambda=0.7

Axis length (a): Mpc
Axis length (b): Mpc
Axis length (c): Mpc

Low z:
High z:
Low Dec: °
High Dec: °
RA range: Δ°

SDSS sample volume
300x300x250 Mpc