Associated images and captions for GAMA Galaxy Group (G3C) NAM press release


An image of a galaxy cluster discovered in the GAMA group catalogue. This is a inverse colour composite of ultraviolet, visible light and infrared images so redder galaxies appear blue and vice-versa. Galaxies in the cluster are highlighted with circles, with the size of the circle proportional to the mass of the galaxy. The colour of the circle indicates the true colour of the galaxy. In this image a mixture of galaxy types are visible, but very few blue (star-forming) galaxies. The brightest galaxy is located at the centre. Credit: GAMA / Aaron Robotham.


A low mass galaxy group (much like the one we live in) discovered in the GAMA group catalogue, again displayed as an inverse colour image with circles indicating the mass and colour of galaxies. Here all the galaxies are very blue, indicating that stars are forming. Credit: GAMA / Aaron Robotham.

Group Cone

The segments show 12-degree wide maps of the positions of the galaxies in the GAMA catalogue. The Earth is at the bottom of each wedge, with the most distant galaxies at the top (at a distance of 6 trillion lightyears). Circles indicate groups included in the catalogue, where larger circles show groups with more members. Credit GAMA / Aaron Robotham.