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I work on the photometry of bright stars, extra-solar planets and SETI.


I am the Co-ordinator of the UK SETI Research Network

SETI activities: Co-founder and Co-ordinator of UK SETI Research Network; organisation of two UKSRN annual meetings.

SETI teaching: giving a graduate course on SETI for the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA) 2007-2014.

SETI searches: two months at ASTRON investigation of use of LOFAR, a proposal for an M31 search with WSRT; a proposal for a search with Meerkat; investigation of use of St Andrews 1-m for OSETI.

SETI presentations: a number of public talks on SETI.

SETI media: a number of UK and international radio and TV interviews.

SETI Papers:

‘Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with the Square Kilometre Array’
Siemion, A.P.V., and 22 others (inc Penny, A.J.) arxiv:1412.4867 (2014)

'Promoting SETI in the UK: Meeting Report',
Penny, A.J., Astronomy & Geophysics, vol 54, issue 5, pp.5.20-5.22 (2013)

`The SETI Episode in the 1967 Discovery of Pulsars',
Penny, A.J., European Physical Journal H, September 2013, vol 38, issue 3 pp.35-547 (2013) arxiv:1302.0641

`Transmitting (and listening) may be good (or bad)',
Penny, A.J., Acta Astronautica, 78, 69-71 (2012)

`SETI: peering into the future',
Penny, A.J., Astronomy & Geophysics, Volume 52, Issue 1, pp. 1.21-1.24. (2011)

`The Lifetimes of Scientific Civilizations and the Genetic Evolution of the Brain',
Penny, A.J., in ` Civilizations beyond Earth: Extraterrestrial Life and Society', eds Vakoch and Harrison, ISBN-13 978-0857452115 (2011)

'SETI Search with the SKADS Virtual Telescope - Stage C',
Penny, A.J., O'Brien, T. and Morrison, I., Paper at SKADS Virtual Telescope Conference 2007 (2007)

'SETI with SKA',
Penny, A.J., in 'UK workshop on the SKA', eds. M. Kramer \& S. Rawlings, Oxford, astro-ph/0408473 (2004)


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