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2010 April 8 -- "LOFAR opens up the low-frequency universe - and gives a helping hand to SETI"

Figure 1 LOFAR image of radio galaxy 3C 61.1 (ASTRON)
Figure 2 Comparison with other images (LOFAR)
Figure 3 Simulation of a SETI detection NASA
Figure 4 A LOFAR station (NASA)

2010 April 9 -- "LOFAR opens up the low-frequency universe - and gives a helping hand to SETI"

Press release Using Cepheids and Kepler to refine the Universe size
Press release Word .doc version

2008 July 21 -- "The Pole Star comes to life again"

Press release
Sky image Artist's impression of Polaris and the constellations of the Big and Small Dippers
Sky image 2 with Polaris marked
Sky image 3 with lighter tones
Sky image 4 with lighter tones, with Polaris marked
Decline and Rise graph Plot of decrease over 100 years of amplitude of 4-day light variation of Polaris and of the increase since 2000. Observations before 2000 from other work, observations after 2000 from this work
Pre-publication paper Paper of this work on the 'astro-ph' preprint server. It will be published in the August 10 edition of "The Astrophysical Journal"
Conference poster
WIRE satellite
Image of WIRE satellite
Image of WIRE satellite WIRE star tracker used in this paper is marked
SMEI camera
Image of SMEI cameras As mounted on CORIOLIS satellite
AST telescope
Image of AST telescope
c Cool Stars 15 conference
Cool Stars 15 conference


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