Eclipse movies!

XY Ursae Majoris
This short-period RS CVn system consists of a pair of main-sequence stars, spectral types G2V + K2V. The secondary, being much cooler than the primary, acts as an almost completely dark occulting disk, scanning across the inner face of the primary. This image was produced and animated by Andrew Cameron, using DoTS in eclipse-mapping mode, from a V-band light-curve secured by Andrew Cameron and Ron Hilditch with the CCD imaging system on the James Gregory Telescope in 1995 November. 

V361 Lyrae
This bizarre semi-detached system consists of a late-F main-sequence primary and a mid-K secondary. The primary fills its Roche lobe, and a stream of material pours through the inner Lagrangian point, impacting the surface of the secondary slightly to the trailing side of the sub-stellar point. This image was produced by Ron Hilditch using DoTS in eclipse-mapping mode, from V and I-band light-curves obtained in 1988 and published by J. Kaluzny. Andrew Cameron did the animation. 

Andrew Cameron ( Last update: 21 Sep 2000