2004 NOVEMBER 12

Organizer: Andrew Collier Cameron

Schedule of Talks:

10:00 COFFEE

10:30 Hugh Jones (University of Hertfordshire) Sub-Saturn mass planets from radial velocity searches

10:55 Phil Lucas (University of Hertfordshire) Polarimetry of extrasolar planets: recent results from PLANETPOL

11:20 Ignas Snellen (Royal Observatory Edinburgh) Probing the atmospheres of transiting exoplanets using the Rossiter effect

11:45 Keith Horne (University of St Andrews) Microlensing searches for cool planets using RoboNET

12:10 Nicholas Rattenbury (Jodrell Bank) A planetary microlensing event from the MOA and OGLE groups

12:30 Peter Wheatley (University of Leicester) The SuperWASP search for transiting hot Jupiters

12:50 LUNCH

13:50 Suzanne Aigrain (University of Cambridge) Prospects for detecting hot Earths using COROT

14:15 Jane Greaves (University of St Andrews) Debris disk resonances: detecting planets out to 100 AU

14:40 Matt Burleigh (University of Leicester) Searching for dying solar systems: planets around white-dwarf stars

15:00 Glenn White (University of Kent) From GENIE to DARWIN– remote sensing of exoplanet atmospheres

15:30 TEA