Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I book accommodation and meals at New Hall for only a subset of the meeting dates?

A: The integrated conference package that we have negotiated with the University for accommodation, meals and registration provides very good value, but it does not allow the flexibility to choose only a subset of the meeting dates.

If you need more flexibility, you may be better to book B&B accommodation yourself (we have a sample of these here but more are available). This does incur a higher non-residential registration fee.

Q: Can I change my booking?

A; If your booking is not yet confirmed, you can change it using the button marked "My account" on the top left-hand side of the page you see when you enter the online shop pages for Cool Stars 15. Unconfirmed bookings are kept for 24 hours.

Q: How do I book a twin room if I want to share with another conference participant?

A: Let's say two people want to share - one of you books the room and adds the other person onto their booking as an additional delegate. The person booking goes through the registration pages booking their own excursions, registration fee and a twin room. They then select "Add a delegate" on the registration page and enter the details for their colleague who only books registration and any excursions.

Here's an example of the booking page:

Once you have booked everything, you proceed to the payments page. This produces one bill for the two people, but it shows clearly who has booked which items. In the following example, Spock and McCoy booked the ceilidh too:

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